This website is dedicated to the TOSL project - a community project geared towards the development of a quality, high security lock - The Open Source Lock - the lock that has no secrets except the one that you will choose yourself! 

"Open source" essentially means everything will be well understood and tested: there will be no obscurity, hidden secrets or backdoors. 

Together we will create a lock that will be tested by the the world's best experts - you and the rest of the locksport and hacker communities - and it will be improved until it's so secure that no one but yourself can open it. 

Together we will show that locksport is not only about proving that somebody else's lock designs are not secure (although I have to admit that's a lot of fun), but that we can also make something better.

Breaking News 2013-08: We are at OHM2013! 

Come to our presentation (Sat 16:00 T5) or give mh a call at DECT mhmh (6464)

Download the presentation slides (.odp or .pdf) below.

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There's also a forum at LP101: http://www.lockpicking101.com/viewtopic.php?t=40737

No More Lockpicking
The TOSL Project presentation at OHM2013.
Open Office Presentation [12.1 MB]
No More Lockpicking
The TOSL Project presentation at OHM2013.
PDF-Dokument [8.1 MB]
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